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I have been a business owner in the graphic arts industry for over 15 years now. There are many evolving facets of this industry. We have fought the tide of change, with one common promise to our customers: Promising them the best service possible. This has been very challenging, because as a broker, we rely on the ability of our vendors to operate at a very high, and consistent level. About four years ago, we decided to stop ignoring the many requests we got for outdoor signage, window vinyl, and all other forms of signage and installations. Our quest for suitable vendors was very difficult. It was an industry seemingly wrought with slow turnaround, high pricing, and poor accountability. That all changed when I met Walter Peterson at APS. From day one his accountability far exceeded any of his peers. His pricing was always very fair, and most importantly, he was a great pleasure to be around. After some initial projects, I made the decision to open up Walters services to our top clients. Understand, that we covet these relationships, so to offer new services is always a risk. I have never made a better decision. Walter has not only done a fantastic job of the work we had, he has allowed me to grow this division of our company. I have so much trust in Walter at this point, I have enough faith in Walter to leave him alone on jobs, knowing he will represent myself and my company to the highest level.    I can undoubtedly recommend Walter as being not only a trusted vendor, but an invaluable asset in his field.  
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I have worked with Walter for over 4 years and he has provided outstanding installation services for virtually every one of our large projects over this time period. In addition to vehicle wraps, Walter has wrapped and installed several large wall murals for us. Each of our customers was thoroughly pleased with his results and professionalism. What sets Walter apart from other installers is his thoroughness in disassembling the trim on the vehicles and in prepping the vehicle completely before installation. Walter also freely offers suggestions based on his extensive experience that not only improves the overall quality of the installation but also reduces the print costs and rework expense. We consider him a true member of our Team. 

I would definitely recommend Walter to anyone looking for a high quality installation at a very reasonable price
APS is an owner operated, vinyl graphic and architectural sign installation company. We have been servicing the sign industry since 2006. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, professional installation service that you can trust. We work with Graphic Designers, Marketing Directors and Business Owners to get the job done. 

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